By launching targeted, focused projects in specific areas, I intend to measure the level of trust and monitor feedback related to the level of curiosity of any given individual.
The intention is to expose contemporary mind-frames, operating as an invisible modern anthropologist through art, with the ulterior motive of sustaining, strenghtening and restoring the natural balance in the relationship between people and animals.



Deniz Kabuloglu (b.1983, México/Turkey) is a visual artist who tells stories of Time through illustration, painting, photography and film. Here alter ego, io, lives in art and is a major element in most of her work, which is directed in supporting wildlife conservation. Kabuloglu has studied art in México, Italy, Spain, USA, and has private exhibitions throughout since 1998. Currently you can find her taking photos of chimps or constructing a movie elevator. In her spare time she has a bathroom blog.




Rice -Art History 2009 • 2012

Istituto Firenze -Painting Courses  2006                   

Universidad Nuevo Mundo -B.A. Art  2005

Universidad Del Claustro de Sor Juana -Drawing the Human Figure 1998




2017 – Anti Trump Art Show Houston

2015 – Mobile Moments – University of Houston

2015 – RAW Houston

2014 – Sapphire Bombay Collective

2014- Heighs lofts Collection -SOLO

2013 – SOLO Cuchara, Houston

2013 – Abstracts. Warhous Houston

2013 – Relief Charity Art Show

2013 – Private Art Show by Michelle Bramblett

2012 – Collective - Boheme

2012 – G Gallery- Karas

2011 – Sorella Recycled Art Show Houston

2010 – WarHous Houston

2010 – La muerte en Imágenes – Sevilla Spain

2010 – Galveston Gallery

2010 – Blossom Street Gallery - Collective

2009 – November NTBA, French Alliance Houston

2006 – Collective Firenze, Italy

2005 – UNUM México

2002 – Santa Fé Mexico City Collective

1999- Misrachi Gallery México City Auction


Private Collectors


José Segués – México

Jane Goodall

Sarah Jessica Parker – New York

Sir Ranulph Fiennes – United Kingdom

Melanie Gouby – Congo / Paris

Pablo Arrocha – New York

Gustavo Alanis – México


Selected Publications


Moarr Magazine

Prentice Danner Photography

Ateneo Español

Time / Life



Anna Veselova. Ongoing

Alberto Pla.  Global Social Media Agency 2015

Sergio Briseño. Festival Internacional de Cine de Guanajuato 2011


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