I love detail, unique moments; things that have meaning. 

Moments that go unnoticed..      

History. Versions of the version of that time you drove late. The ever so disturbing fly; bureaucracy & the rawness of problems; beautiful trees that dance, believing we can change the world 

                            (actually doing something about it). Dancing til your feet hurt; Juanes. & the unsaid., languages that sound like new kisses. True magic. Lolita by Nabokov. MUSIC. Mindfulness and strawberry icecream; delicious dreams, conspiracy at midnight-. Heated discussions, surprising journeys. The Absurd. abstract worlds; the inconsistencies of human relations. The Unfakeable Spark; exquisite challenges. Crying. ,very old dogs; feet over grass. small children & my grandmother's arms. Las Ramblas. Universes inside planets; shared bliss. s l e e p .Photographs that make you scream, smells that remember. The nostalgic corruption/delicious food of the city you were born in. The perfection of film. Sitting on a street being lost; nowheres. Possibility.

     I am on a journey. 

                                 Can't wait to see what comes next..