Hey i wanna know your brainsssss

I have been working on a series of in-depth curated, variety questions to get to know each other better: My newest experiment. I am tired of repeating the same conversation day by day that doesn’t bring anything to the table.

We may spend a minute or a lifetime hanging out with someone without truly knowing what makes them them.

I believe every connection in our lives, whether fleeting or permanent molds us to become who we are and have created this interview as a personal project to really breathe life into knowing you and vice-versa.

At the end I will share the list of questions so you are able to do them with your people too.

This is like me, a work in progress and in constant evolution.

The 20-30 minutes time will NOT be documented or recorded, it is simply a tool to create more authentic real connections, and to analyze my theories regarding social media. A specific photograph of a special moment of the interview along with the most memorable phrase or thought will be uploaded here on this blog. I will some of my answers as well to complete the cycle once it is finished. They will be either in person or via-remote and anyone can participate.

No more than one interview per day.

If you are interested email me at help@kabuloglu.com