Interview #19 070616 (LAST)

"I would simply change the way humans live. We are the only species on this planet that exempts itself from the natural rules of living in accord with the world around us and the only species actively destroying it (the world)  to support our own expansion."

Alfred Maskloski III

1986. Brick Township, New Jersey

 Photograph by Alfred Maslowski

Photograph by Alfred Maslowski

Interview #18 062816

"Am just a curious person."


"There are a lot of mysteries in life that I want to discover and learn, through books and experiences."


"There is just my imagination and it is not real."


C A O S and O R D E R


""- The world is becoming one big crazy family. Being interconnected through technology and being able to reach everyone. It is not going to be easy but we can make it work.""


México, 1984.

Interview #17 060416

"I don't have a real plan.

So scary, and liberating!


You support each other, you build something where you can make a home. And enjoy life and travel.  A place where family is.


I wish we could slow down.



Anchorage, Alaska. 1988


I am so happy I met this nomad during our difficult time, who has helped me see many things in a new light.

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Interview #16 031716

"To create, is what drives me

I like to live in the moment and I don't believe there are any green men out there.

Everyone should be more respectful.


We all have a right to choose"


Tom Rye

1968 Jacksonville Florida


- NOTE Tom Rye is a cartoon artist living in Houston Texas. You can see his latest work at Kenny & Ziggy's new location and at his website:

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"Life is a beach."


"Atoms will be destroyed but what happens to me today I have to write it."


"It is a trade-off.

You cannot have a house full of fire and a house full of ice at the same time."


"The Circle."


Brooklyn, 1985

Interview #14 030216

"Pequeña, sensible y frágil."



"Interés por cambiar el entorno en el que vivo."

"No podemos seguir resolviendo los problemas del día de hoy con herramientas viejas."

"Un sentimiento liberador."





México City, 1983

Interview #13 030216

"An appreciation to participate in life."

"This unbreakable bond: a place of belonging, mutual trust and where there is no guest list. Total embrace"

"We manifest our own destiny. Completely. 

People condition themselves all the time."


"Took me a while to apply the argument that it is not me, about me. To take the ego out of me."

"WE ARE THE MASTERS OF OUR OWN REALITY." "We lack control but we can circumnavigate."


"I learned not to let the situation take over me, to stand my ground."

"It is a warm sense of feeling. Complex. "


"You have to walk though the fire, you have to!"

Houston TX, 1974



Interview #12 022316

"Vivir con plenitud. El resto de tu vida es tu decisión."

"Hay que enfrentar la vida."

México City


Thank you to Lila for the beautiful company provided when conducting this interview.

Interview #11 022016.2

"I would like for everyone to recognize their personal responsibility on this planet and stop fucking off. 

In any given moment, anything can matter.  Recognizing my own BS, owning up to myself.

I strategize for possibility. That is as much as I think about the future. Being in love removes barriers.  You have to engage things so your own confort level doesn't matter."

Houston, TX



Photo courtesy of Anthony Rathbun. He is one of the most beautiful photographers I know. With an amazing eye. He can photograph the entire Houston Grand Opera and then on a personal project take pics of the beautiful detail in dumpsters.

Interview #10 022016

"Tengo miedo a la guerra, a la violencia. 

Cada vez que viajo la gente que veo me enseña qué tan parecidos somos y a la vez tan distintos. Extrañas la experiencia."

Medellín Colombia


Interview #2 020316

"La incongruencia de la gente. Eso es lo que tiene que cambiar." México DF, 1984


The day of this interview Moka this beloved pet was run over by a car on a terrible accident. Thank you to my dear long time friend for her loyalty and kindness, through all the years."

 This was such a sad day. Life is but a moment. Moka te vamos a extrañar. Te amo winiwan

This was such a sad day. Life is but a moment. Moka te vamos a extrañar. Te amo winiwan